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How to get access to ALL music in Instagram reels

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Instagram Reels is a content format that allows you to create and share short engaging videos which, unlike Instagram Stories, won't disappear after 24 hours.

The feature allows you to express yourself, and bring your ideas to life with their creative tools.

Despite being criticized originally as a copycat of TikTok, Instagram Reels has gained positive momentum from huge brands such as @sephora, @meccabeauty and @saboskirt, influencers, and general users.

According to the popular Social Media Management Platform - Hootsuite, users have noticed their engagement stats go up after posting a reel, thus making it an integral part of any Social Media strategy going forward.

Since they were introduced last year, Instagram reels have really taken off! They're a fun way to interact with your audience in a way that can come across as more authentic, and they're also favoured by the "Insta Gods"- by this we mean the Instagram Algorithm, to push your content to more users. But there is an aspect of reels that is driving most people a bit crazy; the inability to add "real" music to your reels business accounts.

Most business accounts on Instagram don't have music from known artists (for example: Drake, Taylor Swift etc), and the reason for that is due to copyright. As a business, you're legally not allowed to use the latest and greatest song to promote your brand - which makes sense.

Which is why you're here!

Without switching to a "Creator account" from a business account, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to 'Edit Profile'⁠

2. Scroll down and select 'category'⁠

3. Type in 'Entrepreneur'

4. Click 'Done'⁠

Watch it in action here:

Before doing this make sure you save all your Reels drafts to your phone if you have any, as they may disappear after the switch! ⁠


Well, now that you know how to add all music to your reels, and not just the royalty-free ones. Here's how to find the latest trending songs on Instagram:

Here are 3 popular ways to find trending audio:

Manual search

  1. Open your Instagram page and head to the Reels explore page.

  2. Scroll through Reels that Instagram has recommended for you.

  3. You can identify trending audio by looking at the audio section and seeing if you can spot the trending arrow. (the trending arrow looks like an arrow that is pointing diagonally to the top right)

Instagrams Trend Report

If you don't want to scroll through your Reels, you can have a look at the Reels Trend Report which is curated by Instagrams @Creators which releases Trend Reports every week!

Each report will include a summary of the latest weeks trending content, which includes, sounds, music, hashtags, challenges, and filters.

Finding trending songs on TikTok

Go straight to the competitor! Your best bet of finding out what will trend on Instagram is searching whats trending on TikTok.

Usually, the trending sounds and songs on TikTok will only reach Instagram reels after a couple of days or even weeks. With this in mind, you can head over to TikTok's "Discover" page and find the latest sounds there.

Typically, trending sounds on TikTok make their way over to Instagram Reels after a few days or weeks. Knowing this, you can head over to TikTok’s “Discover” page and find up-and-coming sounds there.

Top 10 sounds for November 2021:

As reported by @creators, the below songs trended last month:

  1. High Enough – K.Flay

  2. First Order of Business – Baby Keem

  3. Insane – Summer Walker

  4. Boys Will Be Bugs – Cavetown

  5. Face Off – Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, King ISO, Dwayne Johnson

  6. Nuestra Canción – Monsieur Períne (ft. Vicente García)

  7. Sad Girlz Luv Money (Remix) – Amaarae, Moliy, Kali Uchis

  8. No Love – Summer Walker, SZA

  9. Mood – Wizkid, Buju

  10. Up and Down – Doja Cat

About the Writer: Jessica Ridolfi

Jessica is a Social Media Marketing expert living in Sydney, Australia.

Through her stylish and on-brand designs, her focus is on providing scroll-stopping content and attention-grabbing strategies for your news feeds. Jessica thrives on creating strategies through social content that engages, converts and delivers results.

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