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Instagram Marketing Services

The attention span of social media users is getting shorter and shorter, which means keeping your audience interested and engaged with your business requires a variety of high-quality content. You risk losing customer engagement if you don’t keep your content fresh.

Social Salad specialises in creating eye-catching content in Sydney. Our social media marketing expertise covers creating social media content that is high quality, engaging, and will keep your followers coming back for more. 

Social medial marketing agency Sydney - social salad

Make a great first impression

As the saying goes, first impressions matter, and it couldn’t be truer for your Instagram Feed.

The content that you post on your social media is a representation of your brand which means it needs to get as much positive attention as possible. At Social Salad, we aim to create content that attracts, engages, and ultimately converts your prospects into paying customers.

It’s important to ensure that the quality of your content leaves a memorable impression on your followers, as it lets them know what to expect from your business, and it is necessary to distinguish your business from your competitors.

When putting together a social media strategy for Instagram, we ensure to incorporate your brand colours, tone of voice and translate these into posts that are going to separate your business from the rest as consistency is key.

Think about it, when researching a product or service on Instagram, are you more likely to remember the page that had a strong presence, or the page that doesn't have cohesive branding? Furthermore, the product or service that has stronger branding across their social media platforms looks more professional, thus making a decision for a consumer to go ahead with the page that portrays this professionalism.

So what are you waiting for? Lets make an impression!


72% Of Users Make Purchase Decisions Based On Instagram Content

Instagram is quickly becoming the channel to reach shoppers:

  • 72% of users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram;

  • Compared to Snapchat (1%), Twitter (3%), Pinterest (22%), and Facebook (23%), the platform has the most influence on shopping habits, at 51%.

When considering to purchase either a service or product, as a part of their purchasing journey, more and more Instagram users are checking Instagram to see if they should be purchasing from a particular business. They will be checking things like proof-of-life, the reviews, any new product releases and much more.

The worst thing you can do for your business is not have a consistent Instagram presence which could ultimately lead to your potential customer fleeing to your competitor.

Check out our Social Media Management packages to get started:

Reasons why people unfollow brands

According to Statista, there are roughly 1 billion active users on Instagram. This means that we’re constantly competing for attention in very crowded newsfeeds, and the only way to stand out is through strategic, and well-thought-out social media content, which is developed specifically for your audience.

In a platform that is so crowded, one of the main reasons that followers will unfollow a brand is due to the content simply being just boring. If the page doesn’t offer any value to a follower, whether it be educational, or aspirational, why would the follower bother following at all?

When creating a content strategy for our clients, we put in place tried-and-tested strategies that we know works. With our knowledge and cutting-edge design, we are able to intertwine your brand with what’s happening across the social landscape to deliver highly engaging, and relevant content that is designed to stop users in their feed.

Click the below to view our case studies:

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