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Social Media Graphics

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and we couldn't agree more. The image of your brand that you project to the world is the image your potential consumers will initially decide if they're interested in your business.

At Social Salad, we ensure that we create SCROLL-STOPPING graphics that are on brand and going to have your ideal clients coming back for more. Our goal when creating content is to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and lastly CONVERT.

The importance of cohesive branding across all your socials should be PARAMOUNT, as it will show your audience that you are legitimate, and will also allow them to remember you by your branding, otherwise, how will they tell you apart from your competitor?

Scroll down to see some of the graphics we have created across multiple industries that exude style, are on-trend, and deliver a clear message.

Our Social Media Graphic Packages

Social Media Graphics Design

Graphics Package 1
$350 excl.GST

  • 10 Instagram tiles customised to your brand.

  • 5 stories customised to your brand.

Social Media Graphics Design package

Graphics Package 2
$600 excl.GST

  • 20 Instagram tiles customised to your brand.

  • 10 stories customised to your brand.

Some of our Work...

We work very closely with a range of clients throughout Australia, the USA, Singapore, and Hong Kong to provide them with an elevated experience for their customers – both current and future. Check out some of our work below:

Social Media Graphic design beauty


We work alongside a number of beauty brands, as well as beauty salons, assisting with social media management and content creation.

Social Media Management Graphic Design packages

Health Food & Beverage

Not able to take an aesthetic image of your product? No problem! We are able to add in the image of your product to look like a photograph!

Social Media Management Sydney Graphic Design package

Gourmet Food Delivery & Grocery

We love food, so we love this category! From gourmet food delivery services to boutique grocery shopping, we can make your page stand out!

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